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New HGB live CD…Live At The Rock!

Live at the Rock
Live at the Rock

Higher Ground Band

©2013 FrankenCat Productions, Inc. (ASCAP)

Hollar Records, LLC.

Recorded in 2007 at First Christian Church, Dunedin, Florida by Vladimir Stashchak using Sonar. Mixed and mastered by Frank Silano in 2013 using Pro Tools and Harrison Mixbus. Produced by Frank Silano. The performance is basically as-is and there are no overdubs, re-do’s, mulligans, or what-have-you’s. Full disclosure: There is some editing and a little bit of vocal tuning in places to make it more enjoyable. This is good representation of what we sounded like at the time and pretty true to what we still do today. We hope you all are blessed by this release and that it is used to spread the good news that Jesus Christ is the light of the world, savior of mankind, and the one and only way to God. God bless you all and thank you for your prayers and support. More to come… FS

Genre: Christian Rock

Release Date: Feb 15 2013